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Very few football players are fortunate enough to make it to the National Football League (NFL). While more and more indoor leagues have provided more options to play the game you love for money, you might need a way to get there.

While everyone that plays for the Racine Raiders plays for "The Love of the Game," the Raiders have provided players with an opportunity to improve their skills and move on to play professional football for over 50 years. The Raiders have helped players reach the NFL, various indoor leagues, and even play professionally in Europe.

Players that are looking for a place where they can just play football, don't need to look any further than the Racine Raiders. There is no other semi-pro team in the country that has more dedicated staff or resources than the Racine Raiders. The Raiders provide quality trainers, a full equipment staff, excellent coaches for each position, and much more. The team also provides insurance, postgame meals, travel and lodging for away games and gas reimbursement for players that travel more than 30 miles, among other benefits.

In addition, no other semi-pro football team in America has a larger fan base or better support than the Racine Raiders. The Raiders average 1,500 fans per game and play at one of the most historic facilities in football, professional or amateur. You'll have the opportunity to play on a home field that has hosted the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers of the NFL, and the Racine Belles of the All-American Girls' Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). In addition, Major League Baseball (MLB) teams have even played at Historic Horlick Field in Racine, Wisconsin.

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